You’ve heard of OpenStack and wondered what’s the buzz is all about? Look no further – this blog is all about making OpenStack accessible to you. I assume that you are a busy professional so I’m here to provide the essentials and the easy How-Tos fluff-free.

So what is OpenStack?

Think your datacenter with the various IT assets you need to manage – compute, storage and networking.

Think open source platform that is being supported by big brands like Red Hat, Cisco, HP & etc and have a strong growing community worldwide.

Think an open source sort of an OS that helps you manage your datacenter assets whether deployed as private cloud (datacenter(s) dedicated for one organization solely) or public cloud (datacenter(s) that is deployed to serve various organizations). The Linux of the datacenters if you will.

Why is it called OpenStack?

Because it is a collection of (a stack of) open source projects that help you build private or public clouds. Examples are Nova for compute, Cinder for storage and Neutron for networking. There’s several more projects included in current versions of OpenStack and some are under development.

(Brief) History my friend!

Started as a co-project of NASA and a cloud hosting company called RackSpace in 2010.

Check out a presentation I made that brings about a great overview of OpenStack

Introduction to OpenStack

You may also want to check this video, while being a bit outdated and can make some people cringe over its music it’s still worth watching.

Sounds great! How do I start?

You can take a look at the official OpenStack documentation or start to get your hands dirty with OpenStack where I describe few possible ways to get some hands-on experience with OpenStack. Yes, even on your own computer free of charge.

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