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Figuring Out OpenStack Multi-Node Error Messages – Part 1

Recently I have deployed a 3 node Neutron based OpenStack environment – Controller, Network and Compute, and I have encountered with many error messages throughout the establishment process of a working environment. As a determined ITer who gets the job done, I had to research what are those error messages mean and possible ways to solve the underlying issues evoking them (most are incorrect configurations or timing issues). In this blog post I’ll summarize common error messages and their solutions. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

First things first, in order to debug an issue with a related error/warning message it’s better to understand the flow between the different components in OpenStack.

And also to understand where each service/agent resides in a multi-node environment. Running the following commands will shed some light on how to approach debugging.  Continue reading

OpenStack, Troubleshooting

OpenStack DataBase Basic Troubleshooting

Most OpenStack services use a database to store information. The database typically runs on the Controller node.

In this blog post you’ll find some basic troubleshooting and introduction to MariaDB database server OpenStack usage. If you wonder what MariaDB server has to with MySQL server you can check out this link.

First we’ll log into the database server that is running on our Controller node

root@controller:~# mysql -u root -p

After we have entered our DB server password we can see what users have been configured to have access to our database server  Continue reading